From Learner to Passed

At PDW we have different instructors that teach in different ways. Each instructor also has different ways of describing what you are trying to achieve, this enables us to meet your needs and different learning styles.

Pass Plus Training Course

If you take the DSA approved Pass Plus course, as recognised by most insurance companies, you could dramatically reduce the price of your car insurance on your first car! You could also gain a huge amount of experience not previously covered within your driving lessons or driving test. Often, you will save a lot more than the course itself costs. For only £180 you will experience several ‘firsts’ in driving. Motorways, out of town driving, distance driving and driving in areas you have never driven before, are just some examples. All six modules will be covered comprehensively within at least six hours extra tuition.

All you have to do to reduce your insurance and improve your ‘confidence’ and ‘competence’ on the road is to give us a call and we will do our best to make you an even better driver than you already are.

Refresher Driving and Extra Tuition

If you have just passed your test, but have not yet driven on a motorway, why not think before you do. A good idea would be to book a three hour lesson with one of our DSA approved driving instructors and gain invaluable experience of multi lanes

Have you passed your test already but:

  • Not driven for a while and think you have forgotten how to
  • Had an accident and need to rebuild your confidence
  • Are unable to change your wheel or check your oil level
  • Park at work in that busy company car park
  • Have just bought that new and different car

To achieve any of these goals, or any others, in a professional and friendly atmosphere and at your convenience.

As a Lerner you can now drive on a Motorway with a Fully Qualified Instructor.